Another Testimonial from the Field

Just in from a gentleman who buys a lot of flies from me. I thought I would share this cool story!

Golden Trout

Thank you much, Jeremy.  I’ve had a blast fishing Miracle Flies this winter.  It’s definitely time to restock.  My last 2 outings have been 100+ fish days!  And thanks to 2 “trophy” trout stocking this winter, I’ve been fortunate enough to land several dozen fish over 18″ in the past few months…several nearly 24″.  I’ve also attached a pic of one of the cooler trout I caught this year.  This particular fish passed on everything all day long, including Miracle Flies, and finally bit on a gold 1/124oz jighead marabou streamer (tied with Feather Craft’s fancy natural mottled marabou, great stuff).  Not sure what these fish are really called…our local stream manager just called them “golden” trout (not the true golden, but a variety of kamloops).  I was actually able to catch 2 of only 3 golden fish stocked this year (they’re terribly easy to spot in the water, unfortunately for the fish).  Thank you again!

Best Regards -Krey


~ by troutdoctor101 on March 6, 2014.

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