Big Brown Caught on Lake Taneycomo Fishing Dry Fly in High Water

Here’s a post that I recently got from a client of mine who’s friend caught this in high water at the end of December. Pretty impressive for sure. This doesn’t happen everyday which makes it a neat story and I’m sure this guy got what he wanted for a late Christmas present for sure….

Taney brown caught on a dry

Hello from Lake Taneycomo in Branson, MO!
Went on a 3 day holiday fishing trip with friends and yes, it was chilly and cloudy on Sunday, Dec 29th – but 28 degrees and light wind is comfortable for me when all bundled up.
I was fly fishing a #6 weight rod below the island by Point Lookout throwing just a size 22 ginger hackle dry fly on a 7X tippet. We had seen several trout sipping tiny midge flies in the riffle behind the island so I prepared a long cast and it landed perfectly in the slack water behind a large laydown tree. The small fly danced across the surface ever so slowly for several seconds and then it magically disappeared in a gentle slurp. I raised my 9’ rod and …… all HELL broke loose. The big fish exploded to the surface and jumped two times clear of the water then she rolled on the surface for what seemed like minutes. Soon she got her bearings and headed downstream quickly for deeper water and more of the strong Taneycomo current. It was a tug-a-war for the next 15 minutes as we both drifted farther downstream. This behemoth fish made a couple more hard runs back toward the deep bank to find a hiding place among the boulders. These strong, fast, deep runs made my reel scream each time and had me very nervous but I held on as she tired and came slowly to the surface.
Like any angler, for the past 50 years of trout fishing I have dreamed a thousand times of this battle …… but living it ……. was a dream come true. What a beautiful site as she slowly floated up on her side and we got our first good look at her huge girth and length.
WOW…. Was all the 3 of us could shout as Mark slipped the wide net under her huge head and we lifted her into the boat.  The tiny dry fly secured tightly in the corner of her massive mouth. I unhooked her and we took several pictures and quickly released her back into the cold deep water. What an amazing day…… my dream finally came true!

~ by troutdoctor101 on January 10, 2014.

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