Snap Shots of My Thoughts

If rivers could talk…….

2011 Lake Taneycomo fall colors. The entrance to the old KOA hole, which is now called Trophy Run.

The bluff located right below Point Royale. The start of Lookout Hole.

The bluff right across Bull Shoals State Park looking downstream. Around the bend is the start of Cane Island and just below that is Gaston's.

2011 fall colors on the Niangua River.

The rules and regulations at Lake Taneycomo. Please pay attention to the signs before you go fish any body of water.

Did you know that?

Why is there trout stamps?

Jet Ski's...What? I think you got the wrong lake.

This is a typical "brown" run now days on Lake Taneycomo. This is chute two and this is where the majority of the big browns are caught at. It's really a shame that these outlets exist.

Getting ready to stock more fish. This is the new Hatchery where they store mostly all the browns.

Get you a drink of water little birdy!

Marcus is serious about getting his flies back.

The new Didymo cleaning station at Taneycomo. Way to go Missouri!!


~ by troutdoctor101 on November 13, 2011.

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