2011 September Trip to the Little Red River

Along with fishing the the White River on the way back home……








I must say it wasn’t the same trip as I had the previous year. Everything was right for hitting the “good” water, or so I thought it was. We spent the weekend at Lobo Landing, which if you haven’t stayed here I would highly recommend it. It’s centrally located for great put and take out points if you have a drift boat.

The plan was to fish streamers in the falling water in the morning that they ran during the night. It was great water for streamers and from what I remember, this river is chocked full of brown trout. It was a good combination for what we wanted to do. We put in at Dripping and floated to Ramsey. It was probably a four hour float with no rowing time, but we made it to Ramsey in two hours because we burned through the frog water and only fished the faster shoal water with good oxygen. Reason being is we tried for the first mile to fish all the water and with little success, so we made the decision to hurry up and get this float done so we could put back in at Swinging Bridge and float to Lobo Landing.

We only managed to turn a few browns and to me that was odd. In all my streamer fishing on the White we always turn browns with little time to wait one out. My thoughts on the Little Red is they lost a lot of their brown trout population during the flood last year. Also, I have never done that well in falling water anywhere I go, so that could have also been some of the reason why we didn’t catch more fish. Either way I think this river is in bad shape and might take some time to bounce back.

The second float we did we got to fish low water. I was glad because it would really give us a chance to see what was left as far as big fish in this river. I did see a few big browns, but not the numbers. If you want cookie cutter rainbow those are everywhere, but I can fish those in my home water and they are actually way bigger for average size at Taneycomo. With saying that, it still was a awesome trip and I got to spend it with some great friends.

White River and Norfork

On the way down to the Little Red we made a float down the Norfork, and on the way back we fished the White. This whole trip was going to be a streamer trip with no indicators and that was the plan. The Norfork was fishing well, but everything we turned missed the fly all together. Some of the areas where these browns were holding on this particular river was in fast seams and that didn’t make for real good hook ups. They were running one unit, so the fly was in the strike zone for the majority of the time, so what happen….I don’t know. We should’ve had a few more hits, but it was getting dark so who knows what the problem was. I guess it’s just fishing.

Sunday we decided to skip fishing the Little Red and head over to the White to make up for some of this uneventful journey for big fish. We drifted from Wildcat to Cotter in seven units. We managed to hook a lot of browns, but nothing really big. But this made the trip complete and we all felt better about the week. To me if you are looking for brown trout then go the White, if you are after big rainbows go to Taney. I think out of all the tailwaters we have in the Ozark’s these two are fishing the best and are in the best shape right now!


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