Fly Fishing the Current River in Licking Missouri – Report from the field

Current River Fishing Report for October 20-21 2010

By Kyle Almeling

 I recently had plans to fish Taneycomo for a few days after a hunting trip got ended early and I still had vacation days to use.  Well, after calling and talking to Jeremy, which I often do before heading toward Branson, he informed me the plan was to run water the next few days and the crowds were as bad or worse than usual for this time of year.  This made my decision easy.  The Current in fall is breathtaking, with the turning leaves and the sun peaking into the valley, and the fishing is usually great as well.  It also doesn’t hurt that family friends have a cabin I can use on occasion and a bed is much more inviting than sleeping in the back of my Trailblazer.  When I informed Jeremy of my plans he seemed very interested in fishing the Current as he had not been in awhile.  I was quick to invite him as he is always welcoming and helpful in my trips to Taney.


Jeremy arrived to the cabin a few hours after I and we had dinner in the Lodge with discussion on the next days game plan.  We decided to start in the park and fish our way down stream to Tan Vat.  Our hope was that the browns were working there way upstream and we would have a shot as some quality fish.  We fished the C&R area in the park for awhile catching some very nice rainbows on small streamers and the “miracle fly”.  The rest of the day we worked our way down always looking for that quality fish, but to no avail.  We caught lots of small to decent sized rainbows on a variety of flies.  There are a ton of fish in the water below the park.  There were literally about 100 stacked up in the Rock Garden and there were eager to feed.  We wound up finding one Redd not too far upstream of Tan Vat (please be careful not to disturb the fish trying to procreate).  It was really neat to see one as I never had and it was good to know that these fish are trying to ensure the future of their species. (I understand that many say that none of the eggs will hatch due to the temperature of the water, but if just a few would I believe we should give them every opportunity.)  Jeremy wound up leaving late in the afternoon on Wednesday and since I had the tag and the day was growing short I decided to fish the park (a lot less walking).  I fished the bluff hole and had a heck of a caddis hatch coming off.  I threw a 16 Elk Hair Caddis and caught several fish.  There is not much as satisfying watching a fish sip your fly off the surface.  

 I got on the river at Tan Vat at dawn on Thursday.  I fished several of the runs down stream with a large black streamer working each one diligently.  In one run I was stripping the streamer and slam.  I suddenly find myself with a large hard fighting brown on the opposite end.  He jumps four times and tears off down stream.  After a short fight I get him to net, snap a few pictures and take a measurement.  21″ length and 10″ girth male, the largest trout I have ever caught in this river.  Even using heavy tippet (3x) and a relatively short fight this fish was tuckered out.  I spent the better part of the next half-hour reviving him and he finally darted away under his own power.  He was truly a great fish and I will never forget his acrobatics.  After that it was starting to get late and I sill had to clean the cabin and get home so I decided to nymph my way back to Tan Vat, as stripping streamers all morning in tight spaces can start to put a drain on ones arm and concentration.  I tied on an egg cluster patters, as I figured with seeing a few redds the rainbows would be quick to take.  I caught a few nice rainbows one being about 18″ and left feeling very satisfied.  It was one of my best fishing days and by far my best on the Current. 

 Hope you all get a chance to get on the river soon!



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