Planning the Perfect White River Fly Fishing Trip

Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of the White River Basin trout fisheries makes it difficult to plan a fly fishing vacation far in advance. There is no way to know exactly what will happen on any given day, so anglers must be flexible if they want to catch fish from sunup to sundown. Everyone is happy if the water is low because wading is easy and there are hundreds of good spots loaded with high concentrations of nice trout. But when the water comes up, the dynamics change and the most productive way to fish involves the use of a motorized boat. Since most visitors to the Ozarks are not experienced enough to safely rent a boat and catch fish, many beleaguered anglers spend a good portion of their time high-sticking from the bank while hoping the water shuts off.

Planning a White River vacation that does not involve constantly worrying about flows is possible, but it will take some effort and sacrifice. Just remember that good things happen when anglers are able to cast to fish all day long on these rivers. It is a shame when some people get shut out because the water comes up, but this almost inevitable change in conditions can also be an opportunity for those willing to think outside the box.

Use these tips below to ensure that you get the most out of your Ozark fly fishing adventure. Your experience will be greatly enhanced if you take the time to fully understand all the options available. Those who are flexible and roll with the changes in water levels will rarely be disappointed. The White River Basin is the best place in the country to test your adaptability, and the rewards are well worth abandoning a conventional approach when necessary. This philosophy not only applies to fly fishing techniques; it also can be utilized during the logistical stages of planning your trip. Read more…


~ by troutdoctor101 on March 7, 2010.

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