Report From The Field, by Darren

Fishing The Local Creeks In Branson Missouri

I went out Wednesday and fished some of my favorite creeks. I fished for about three hours and caught thirty fish. I did a lot of scouting and it seams like the fish are not holding in the areas I fished last year. In the places I did find fish, it was quite productive. I started out with a small wooly bugger and had so much success I stuck with it most of the time. I did find a spot later in the day where the fish were having a field day on a chamois worm.

Even with Table Rock down they are still running water below. We had low water for a few days but unfortunately it didn’t last long. Hopefully we will see more low water soon. Well, winter is here and if you can handle the cold it is a great time to fish. There are less people here and the DO level is higher so the fish are happy and are starting to put up a good fight.

My family and I are heading out to Northern California for the holidays. We are starting out in Sacramento and I plan on taking my son Jordan to Putah Creek, for some good tail water fishing below Lake Berryessa. I’ve seen some you tube videos that show some pretty big fish in there so hopefully we will hook a few. Then we head further north to Redding where I grew up. We will check to see if there is Steelhead running in the Trinity River, if so we will do some fishing there. I’m also looking forward to taking Jordan to the upper Sacramento River for some good trout fishing. I should have some good reports to share when we get back. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to sharing with you next year.


~ by troutdoctor101 on December 11, 2009.

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