Introducing the Taneycomo Trout Updated Blog

Well, I am giving myself a fresh start with respect to how I manage my website. As you can tell, I deleted almost everything. I’ve been slacking on this whole blog thing for too long. Actually, I slack on a lot of stuff and it all boils down to getting more efficient with respect to time management. With all the work it takes to update a site, I really don’t have much time to play around with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Time spent answering emails, fishing and with family is imperative and that is about all that I can handle on any given day. To be honest, I really spend more of my time fishing than doing anything else because that is where my biggest passion lies. Where I’m going with all this is: I think I’ll do more on the blog section verses the site, as far as updating every day goes. The site will be more of a business entity and offer an overall fishing report, but the blog is really the way to go for expressing everything on a person’s mind. I actually have plenty that I could share with you on the developmental side of my fishing progressions and a blog is the appropriate venue for doing this. Tying is a HUGE deal for me and as I gain more and more experience, you will have the opportunity to learn with me, if you stick around. Learning the nuances of blog posting is something I’ll have to spend some time grasping, but blogs seem to be the hot trend on the internet. Plus, blogs really help my site get recognized by the search engines and this is crucial when running a growing business. Expect to see a lot more content on this part of the site over the course of the New Year.


~ by troutdoctor101 on December 3, 2009.

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