Taneycomo- Night Fishing & Low Water

November 25,26 2009

I was able to go out and do a little night fishing a few nights ago. The reason why I wanted to go was that same evening I went out scouting the river close to dark to see if there were a few browns still hanging around after the run. Sure enough, I saw a few that were pushing 23-25 inches. That really got my attention so I went out with Darren around 7pm. To make a long story short, yes, the bite was good, but to be honest we caught more bluegill and goggle eye than we could shake a stick at. It seemed like we had to go past outlet two before we started hooking rainbows. All the rainbows we caught were fairly small, which was weird as well. We caught a lot, but nothing over 15 inches. We heard a few big splashes, but they didn’t want nothing to do with us. The good thing is we are starting to see low water so there will be many more chance to see if we have any browns up top. The only brown caught that night Darren was able to hook it.

If you plan on fishing Taney I think your chances are good that you should start seeing low water. See you on the river.

Recap 26 2009

Went out yesterday to enjoy this low water that we’ve been wanting for quite sometime. I saw a few people struggling, but saw some hooking up. The good news is Table Rock is down to pool and we should see low water a lot more. As some of you know the rumor is Bull Shoals and Greers Ferry will be dumping water around the clock starting December 1st. That means the only wadable tailwaters will be Beaver and Taneycomo. And it should take months to get back down to pool, which is a bummer for the White because I love fishing that tailwater in the winter. I’m anxious though to see what Taney has to offer in the way of numbers and big fish.

One thing I did notice about the fishing on Taneycomo is the fish are chasing and fighting extremely hard. They are warm to the touch and the water temperature is 58 degrees. I would think the fish wouldn’t be as active in this warmer water, but they are. I’ll be honest, I knew today was going to be a little different as far as what flies to use. I started fishing on the bottom, but noticed because the clarity of the water being so dingy and the wind was blowing fiercely it was going to be a wooly day. The honest part is I haven’t fished a wooly during the day in probably seven years, but I knew in the wind chop they would go crazy for beadhead woolies in olive, size 10. That’s pretty much what we threw all day and caught fish after fish. We were probably averaging 15-20 fish in an hour. They were all small just like at night. Don’t ask me why, but I’m starting to wonder where are all those 20-22 inch rainbows this fishery is all about. Big rainbows and a few browns was something I thought would be there because of all the high water we are having. And because we can’t see in the water I can’t say for sure. I know the other day I saw some big browns holding up top, but I haven’t heard of anyone catching them, and haven’t seen much activity in outlet 2. It seems like outlet one is the “hot spot.“ I don’t know though because I don’t fish it. That’s where you can get into a fight, hehe.

I’ll tell you a funny story about the outlet. You tell me if it’s worth it. My friend Darren was fishing it about a month ago and the water was high so he was limited to where he could fish. To make a long story short, there was a guy in there who I guess had a nice fish on. The fish takes off and crosses over Darren’s line. Another guy came down and cut his fly line about twenty feet up, basically ruined his fly line. To me that was a little too much. It’s only a fish and the fact that he caught it in the outlet where everyone should understands what “crowding out” means he should’ve been a little more understanding. I mean it’s the outlet. So to be that serious about a fish in the outlet tells me a lot about his character. We should have more respect for each other and have the mind set that these things are going to happen. My answer to this is, DON”T FISH THEM or you will run into people like this. I know if it was me and he cut my fly line, I would’ve done the same thing right back. Maybe that’s why I don’t fish them.

Scud’s & Sculpins

This river is thriving with scuds and sculpins right now. This is exactly what happened to the White River after they had heavy generation for long periods of time a few years back. I was walking along the banks and islands yesterday where water gets trapped and you could see thousands of scuds swimming freely. Unfortunately not so much for the sculpins, but they were dead all over the islands that were exposed once the water dropped out. I would say get your sculpins and scuds out because they are seeing a bunch of them in the water right now. Stick to grays and throw some UV in with your dubbing as well, especially on sunny days. I actually have a one of a kind special blend dubbing that you would want to try out. Email me if you do and I’ll tie you up a few deadly scuds for Taneycomo the next time you’re down this way. What I’ll also do is tie some put them in a fly box and sell it to whomever is wanting to try this pattern. I should have it done sometime in the next week or so. They come in olive, tan, and gray. Picture coming soon.

Taneycomo Habitat Improvements

A follow up about the habitat improvements. Here’s a link to Phil’s forum where we are discussing what needs to be done. Please add your comments if you can think of anything that would benefit Taneycomo.

Going to fish the Little Red over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted. It’s going to be a streamer weekend only. Hopefully we’ll hook some big fish. I’ll keep my fingers crossed since I’ve only fished it a few times, but never with streamers. I guess the cfs (2,000-3,200) they have right now is great for streamers.


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