Roaring River – Opening Weekend for Catch & Release

November 16 2009

What can I say…it’s back! We will have catch-n-release until the second week of February. I’m looking forward to the upcoming months. Also, to see what else they stock. If they don’t then I will say, this years stocking is a bit weak when it comes to big brut stockers. I did see some hogs, but not as many as I have in the previous years. The ones that are big, are BIG. Most of them were pushing between 7-15 pounds, all rainbows with only one brown in the 23-inch size from what I saw. The water looks great and since they did all the changes with each pool being rearranged it makes for better flows. Most of all the pools have quick current speed, but it does create more eddy’s where these big fish will hold. It’s almost like you’re drifting backwards, but the drift is going right at them. I waited until Sunday before I went and you could tell that these fish were fished hard and they were locked up for the most part. I think the days to go would be on Friday and Monday, especially Friday. I was able to hook one so it made the trip worth while.

Roaring River

On another note, We got some rain so the creeks should fill back up. Perfect timing if you want to ask me. I plan on doing some more fishing at Bull Creek, but I will have to wait a few days so it can settle and the water clarity gets a little better for the fish to see. In the meantime I’m tying some crawdad patterns and trying to get these sent out to all the people who have a fly pattern coming to them from filling out the guestbook. I don’t know why, but it’s been crawdad week. Here lately I’ve been spotting crawdad in the water so it’s good in the sense that the site needed it. Until next time….tight lines!


~ by troutdoctor101 on December 3, 2009.

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