Roaring River – And the effect rain has before opening season

November 21 2009

Second weekend of catch & release season and my game plan was to get there on Friday for two reasons; one was to beat the crowds and two was to get a fresh start on the fish since they haven’t had pressure for four days. Well, that didn’t turn out to be what I expected. The crowds were there and the fish took notice to that real fast, which made it harder to catch them. See, the key is to fish and move if you’re after big fish. Staying in one area will eliminate your chance at hooking several big fish throughout the pools. What I try to do is look for big fish and fish to them, without really changing up my fly pattern as much. Stick to what YOU know works instead of changing out and trying for that fish over and over. If you can’t get him to bite or to look then he’s probably not feeding at that particular time and it is time to move on. That is why its so important to be the first one fishing to these fish. Once they’ve had a little pressure they get harder to trick. That’s when you have to change up flies and then concentrate on each fish giving it your all. So after I’m done moving around looking for big fish and only giving each one about five minutes I then go back and spend the time figuring it out.

The neat thing about this park is you can trick big fish on just about anything, whether you throw streamers, fish on the bottom, or throw dries, it’s all there for you. I like to call this trout park Dry Run Creek for grown-ups. It’s pretty exciting and will have you coming back for more.

Now something I learned from talking to Tim, owner of Tim’s Fly Shop was how each year is different from the next. In the previous years that I’ve fished it, to me it was better as some of you read in my last couple of reports. That was bothering me and really didn’t know why. I found out that rainfall effects this river as well. Not because the fish get swept away, but because of heavy rains. Because of heavy rain earlier this year, about three weeks before catch & release was open, this gave the fisherman a chance to catch bigger fish and keep them. That’s why they are not a lot of 4-5 pound fish. Tim was telling me that the rain drove out the big fish and started the spawn a little early. So it really all boils down to getting rain after the catch & release season starts or they’ll get caught and taken out. This year they stocked 500 brut stockers. With saying this, you still have a shot at hooking some monsters. Like I said before, there are definitely more rainbows in the 10-14 pound range this year. Not bad considering it will be another high water year for some of you. This park gives you a chance to still fish, and hook big fish at that.

We managed to get a little footage and film some other guys hooking some nice fish as well. We hooked a lot more than we landed this time, but we still have a lot of time left. I’m looking forward to each time I go I know that. Until next time, tight lines and good luck fishing.


~ by troutdoctor101 on December 3, 2009.

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