Little Red River over the weekend & Roaring River on Monday

December 1 2009

I’ll start by saying a few things about Taneycomo. We have lower water levels. Also, we have better D.O. which means the trout are thriving. Other than that I haven’t been fishing it because of the other areas I’ve been fishing. From what I’m hearing the fishing has been good.

Roaring River

I’ll start with this since this is the most recent fishing I’ve done. Followed up with fishing the Little Red over the holiday weekend, which were both a blast. I can say…I had a great Thanksgiving, being a trout bum.

Well, Roaring River didn’t let me down once again. I had to get my fix on big fish since the Little Red didn’t produce that for me. I worked my a** off dedicating myself to throwing streamers the whole time, big brown hunting, but I guess that gives me an excuse to go back.

We didn’t hook our big fish until about the third hour and then we weren’t even able to land this one. What usually works for me didn’t this time. Egg patterns weren’t the staple. I guess they were a little educated over the weekend. So what did I have to do, use the thinking cap. The first one we hooked was actually one of the bigger ones of the day. I would say it would go 15 pounds. I was a little bummed out after I lost it. It was such a tough bite to get the big ones to look at anything. I honestly thought they were just shut down at that particular time. They really didn’t start going until about 1pm. But when they did it was on. What we were doing was throwing a sink tip (3.9 ips) running sculpin patterns through fast water. When I saw that first big fish take this fly I knew I was on to something. The way he approached it was truly amazing and something I never saw before. When he took this fly he was right under the surface of the water. The take was beautiful and I wish I would have got it on camera. Because I have a site I’m always thinking footage anytime I can get it, but you need someone who knows a little bit about filming, you know the eye thing. Darren and I were both anxious to wet a line so we would venture off from each other. And that’s what happened this time. When I was playing the fish I was yelling for Darren, but he couldn’t hear me so while I was babying the fish trying to keep enough tension the fish beat me. So where I’m going with this story is never do what I did, just land it. Because these fish don’t fight hard and it only takes a few minutes before they give up so you need to bring them in fast. You’ll know when they are ready and this fish let me know that, but I tried to wait a few moments longer. Well that’s all it takes for them to get off. He made one turn at a different angle and that’s all she wrote.

I’m blessed to be able to do this everyday and there’s always tomorrow is what I say. I though because of how the morning went it was maybe over for big fish. Never give up, keep plugging away. Usually I’m out of the park by 2pm because the morning bite has been hot for me and there’s no reason to stay longer. Once you get a few you’re pretty much done for the day. That is what’s so great about these parks verses tailwaters. You have ample opportunities to hook several big fish in one day. Yes, some of you would say that’s not “true” fishing, but until you’re there I wouldn’t knock it. It’s really fun, especially for hooking some big rainbows.

When we finally agreed to stick together we really got serious about figuring out how to hook these big fish. Once we both threw on sculpins we started catching a bunch of fish. They were definitely in the mood for chasing, we managed to hook five big fish in the course of the day. We caught three on the sculpin and the others came on a “sham WOW” shammy worm the last thirty minutes of the day. It’s all about calling the right shots too. Darren and I were downstream looking over the bridge seeing if we could spot any big fish. This spot is NO GOOD anymore. It’s filled in big time from the high flooding they have received over the course of two years. I made a split decision to go back up top and stay fishing the pool until the horn blew. I hooked mine first and shortly after Darren hooked his. He lost his and felt what I felt earlier that morning. All in all another great day at Roaring River. Enjoy the footage. We work hard trying to help those who live threw us until the next time you can get on the river.

Little Red River

Wow, this was the second time I’ve fished this river system and really the only one I don’t know that well. So my goal this year is to spend more time at this river. Jamie Rouse who is an Orvis endorsed guide was telling me it was good to chunk some streamers. So after us chatting several times on the phone I made the decision to take the family and my father on a little mini vacation. It was good for Summer since we are due to have a new baby boy come into the family in five weeks. You’ll never guess what his name is, Fischer. We got there late Friday afternoon, but I was able to fish the last hour before sunset. We were staying at Lobo Landing, which is a resort I would highly recommend you go if you plan on fishing the Little Red. Great people with really nice accommodations. They also have a boat dock with several boat rentals. Also, right next to the public boat ramp just up from one of the best shoals on the river, Mossy Shoals. Very convenient if you ask me. In that one hour I was able to hook two browns and four rainbows. Not bad fishing just under one unit never fishing that type of water before. The goal was to get that big one. Fishing streamers for three days I just knew I had just as good a chance as anybody.

The next morning we woke up to fog so my chances were good. It turned out to be a sunny day and to be honest the browns weren’t having it. Same as the White, you need fog, rain and clouds to get that big one to bite most of the time. I caught a few down in Mossy Shoals, but we did better fishing indicator rigs nymphing on the bottom. We picked up several rainbows, mostly small so I didn’t take many photos. As some of you know browns are what get my attention.

We had one more day to fish, really only the morning. My goal here was to go to Cow Shoals. This is where a lot of big fish hold this time of year. We put in at Winkley at swinging bridge and motored up about four miles to Cow Shoals. I caught more small browns, but all different than what’s here on Taney and the White. These browns have way more red spots with only a few black spots and more spread out. A lot more wild browns here on the Little Red than any other tailwater fishery we have in the Ozarks, from what I could tell. Also what makes this river a streamer river is a combination of trees in the water followed by dingy greenish water year round. We didn’t catch anything big the whole time, but what a vacation and to see something different made everything worth while. Go check it out and check out Lobo Landing, Chris is the owner and he also guides for Jamie Rouse.


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