Big Fish Caught By Bad Grandpa

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Check this skit out form Jackass, pretty funny stuff!




Taylor River in Colorado

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One of my clients went out and fished the Taylor. I’ve heard great things about this river and one day when my client was in my boat asked me what river would I recommend him going to fish and I said the Taylor. Here is the results and all I can say is WOW!!

The wives gave us the hall pass to go fishing so we decided to take advantage and to the Taylor River, CO C & R section for some monster Rainbows.
top flies:
Mysis Shrimp sz 18 to 22

RS2 sz 20 to 24

secret weapon sz 20 to 24

san juan worm sz 20

pheasant tail siz 20 – 24 (no bead)

egg patterns
Must use camo beads, Mojo mud, 5x flouro carbon, 4 x leaders, double nymph rigs with weight 18″ above your top fly, big indicators fishing 8′ to 15′ deep.
We caught more browns than we could count.  average between 16″ and 22′  (all natives)

We caught several Rainbows over 20″ but only two over 23″.   We witnessed several 25″ to 30″ fish caught. 

Water was high but clear below the reservoir. The lower Taylor and Gunnison were too high fish this trip.

sn rb 21 SN big RB sn big brown seth rb 2 seth big RB DSCN2164 DSCN2156 DSCN2142 DSCN2131


Rusty Midge Strikes Again!!

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Once again, another nice fish caught on the lower Illinois  River in Oklahoma. Corky is a client of mine that has been fishing with me for years. Not long ago he remarried and took her on a fishing trip today and she hooked this nice Rainbow. This is an exceptional trout for this area.


Here’s what he had to say…..

My wife Amy Morgan with her 23 inch rainbow she caught this morning on the lower Illinois River. The trout was caught on a rusty midge Jeremy tied.

Another Testimonial from the Field

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Just in from a gentleman who buys a lot of flies from me. I thought I would share this cool story!

Golden Trout

Thank you much, Jeremy.  I’ve had a blast fishing Miracle Flies this winter.  It’s definitely time to restock.  My last 2 outings have been 100+ fish days!  And thanks to 2 “trophy” trout stocking this winter, I’ve been fortunate enough to land several dozen fish over 18″ in the past few months…several nearly 24″.  I’ve also attached a pic of one of the cooler trout I caught this year.  This particular fish passed on everything all day long, including Miracle Flies, and finally bit on a gold 1/124oz jighead marabou streamer (tied with Feather Craft’s fancy natural mottled marabou, great stuff).  Not sure what these fish are really called…our local stream manager just called them “golden” trout (not the true golden, but a variety of kamloops).  I was actually able to catch 2 of only 3 golden fish stocked this year (they’re terribly easy to spot in the water, unfortunately for the fish).  Thank you again!

Best Regards -Krey

Big Brown Caught on Lake Taneycomo Fishing Dry Fly in High Water

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Here’s a post that I recently got from a client of mine who’s friend caught this in high water at the end of December. Pretty impressive for sure. This doesn’t happen everyday which makes it a neat story and I’m sure this guy got what he wanted for a late Christmas present for sure….

Taney brown caught on a dry

Hello from Lake Taneycomo in Branson, MO!
Went on a 3 day holiday fishing trip with friends and yes, it was chilly and cloudy on Sunday, Dec 29th – but 28 degrees and light wind is comfortable for me when all bundled up.
I was fly fishing a #6 weight rod below the island by Point Lookout throwing just a size 22 ginger hackle dry fly on a 7X tippet. We had seen several trout sipping tiny midge flies in the riffle behind the island so I prepared a long cast and it landed perfectly in the slack water behind a large laydown tree. The small fly danced across the surface ever so slowly for several seconds and then it magically disappeared in a gentle slurp. I raised my 9’ rod and …… all HELL broke loose. The big fish exploded to the surface and jumped two times clear of the water then she rolled on the surface for what seemed like minutes. Soon she got her bearings and headed downstream quickly for deeper water and more of the strong Taneycomo current. It was a tug-a-war for the next 15 minutes as we both drifted farther downstream. This behemoth fish made a couple more hard runs back toward the deep bank to find a hiding place among the boulders. These strong, fast, deep runs made my reel scream each time and had me very nervous but I held on as she tired and came slowly to the surface.
Like any angler, for the past 50 years of trout fishing I have dreamed a thousand times of this battle …… but living it ……. was a dream come true. What a beautiful site as she slowly floated up on her side and we got our first good look at her huge girth and length.
WOW…. Was all the 3 of us could shout as Mark slipped the wide net under her huge head and we lifted her into the boat.  The tiny dry fly secured tightly in the corner of her massive mouth. I unhooked her and we took several pictures and quickly released her back into the cold deep water. What an amazing day…… my dream finally came true!

Streamer Video Techniques

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This is a really cool way to fish streamers. I thought I would share it with everyone who likes learning different techniques. Thanks to Redsfly for sharing this!



What they keep saying about the Miracle Fly – A True Testimonial

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Dave touches on the fly that is exactly what it’s called, “the Miracle fly”.

December 8, 2011
Hello Jeremy.

I would like to share last weeks success story and thank you for introducing me to fly tying a few years ago. I especially want to say thanks for teaching me to tie the “Hunts Miracle Fly“ egg pattern. You have taught me many patterns but the “Miracle Fly” is the heart of this story.

There are a lot of egg patterns out there that I have tied and tried a lot of them.
All of the patterns will elicited hits and catch fish however, the “Miracle Fly” and the hooks you now use and that I now tie with in the “Miracle Fly” pattern seems to have increase my hook up rate. I would like to say I am getting better as a fisherman and maybe that has a little to do with it, but having a hook that will hold in the fish and not bend or break is not due to my improving. It’s nice to know that at least one part of your rig isn’t going to “ give up”. I feel the shape of this hook is also a bit different, accounting for the improved hook up rate.

I hope this is not sounding like a TV infomercial. That’s not my intent.

Any Way:

We all have heard of “big fish flies” and most have tried a few. The problem I have experienced with these flies is that they don’t catch very many smaller fish; you know those between twelve and seventeen inches. Little bass will hit a lure larger than themselves, in my limited experience, not trout.

Most fishermen soon become bored (self included) when we are not catching fish. Like most who are somewhat new to the sport. I like to catch lots of fish and hope to luck into a big one now and then. There are the “Tim’s” that can fish all day for one big fish, not me.

Unfortunately, big fish don’t just happen unless you are a twelve year old fishing with a french fry. You just don’t happen into big fish on a regular basis. It takes a combination of a lot of things. One of the things that I like about an egg pattern is that, when tied and fished right, it performs as a “big fish” pattern that will also catch a lot of smaller fish making for a great day on the water.

Bragging but not bragging (“If you done it, it ain’t bragging.”) In my last five fishing days at Roaring River State Park I have hooked and landed about ninety or so fish with four fish over twenty-three inches. Good fish by any standard. I have enclosed a photo of the largest of the group’ It was just over twenty-seven inches. Not all of the ninety fish were hooked on the Miracle pattern but all of the bigger ones including several in the fifteen to seventeen range involved this fly as either the primary or attractor fly on my rig. That should say something. It does for me.

By the way, all the fish caught were released to be enjoyed on another day.

It was good seeing you on the stream the other day and taking part in your fly tying classes Saturday. I always learn something new that I can use. Your work and creativity is appreciated.

Weather permitting I will see you on December 17.

Thanks again


Also, if you haven’t checked out the video we put together fishing this fly click here to watch it!!